Lost Post

Two minutes ago I lost my writing for today in a wifi issue while I was trying to upload my photograph of the day. I think I’ve been working on Google Docs for so long that I thought WordPress would also automatically save drafts. I thought wrong.

I’ll rewrite it tomorrow. For now, I’m too tired to redo it but I wanted to show up here regardless.

Losing my draft aside, I had a good day: Time with my daughter and Jess on the beach, a really wonderful wedding in Knysna. This evening my wife gave me a foot rub. A pretty good day, indeed.

By the time I got home from the wedding and we had Kit fed and bathed, I had lost a lot of light and a lot of energy. Still, I went into the garden to try take my photograph of that day but couldn’t find much inspiration (not the garden’s fault – it’s beautiful). So I looked up and saw the clouds and decided, that will do.

Sleep well. I will (in the spare room).

Tomorrow I turn 37.

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