Snippets of today:

Watermelon and cling peach for breakfast;

Jess overheard a mother at the tidal pool say, “I hate it when people come up to us at the beach and want our kids to play – we’re here for family time not to socialise with strangers”;

We bought sushi from the Vredehoek spar (a whole big platter for R150). We took turns eating it at De Waal park, Jess ate first while I helped Kit climb the jungle gym, and then we switched so I could enjoy sushi).

I officially married a couple in my courtyard who had their wedding celebration in 2018 – the long-awaitedness made even the formalities really beautiful;

An afternoon nap;

I lifted Kit up on my feet for the first time, playing airplane, she thought it was the funniest, funnest thing – even better than watching her delight above me: Watching her nod her head very enthusiastically when I ask if she wants to do it again;

A woman asked me to watch her belongings for her as she went into the freezing sea to snorkel. I asked if she swam there a lot and she said they’d recently discovered it. (I’m being vague on location here on purpose. Actually, whom I kidding? It’s not like this blog is going to cause a sudden rush to the spot. I’m grateful to have you reading here. If you go to Clifton 4th, there’s a third parking lot which not a lot of people know about. If you continue to walk towards the houses from there, and keep walking down a path through the houses, you’ll come out onto these magnificent huge boulders above. You can drop down onto a shelly beach and there’s a rock pool, open to the sea, on the left. Whenever I see anyone swimming there, I have such a strong sense that they’re really living.)

I haven’t yet finished my book. I’m going to get back to it now.

Photographs of the day: Taken on my phone at said secret spot.



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