Last night Kit muttered “soap” in her sleep. I know why that four letter word accompanies others in the middle of the night. Others like “Mama”, after which I whisper, “Mama loves you”. Words like “Momo”, after which I tell her, “I’m here”. Soap. I hear “soap”and smile in the dark. It’s from a game […]

Here I am, writing, and it’s at 9am rather than at 9pm. Now to figure out is what to say? Let me start with something easy: I just finished my second cup of coffee. The mug now sits empty on the window sill. It’s a blue mug and beyond the pane you can see the […]

Photograph of the day: Today we had an elopement in Stellenbosch. Kyle (a fellow photographer that I often work with) and I drove together. Kyle drove my car (he drives a motorbike). He drove because I had a rough night’s sleep (or lack of it) so I thought it would be safer (it was, this […]