Frogs and fruit

Walking is almost never a bad idea – even when it’s windy (somehow being in the wind is not never as bad as watching the wind, imagining you’re in it). I’m going to leave that mistake in, “not never as bad”. Beautiful prose.

I ummed and arhhhed about going for a walk this evening. Eventually, nearing on 6pm, I decided to do it, pushing Kit in her trike to a nearby park (or, rather, an open plot of land surrounded by houses). The one slope of the lot is covered in cacti. Please note my correct use of the plural there. I’m sure the cacti are invasive aliens but they’re dramatic, and they become pretty attractive aliens when they sprout prickly pears.

I listened to a podcast last week about life hacks. One of the first hack they suggested: ‘Eat the frog’ first thing in the morning. That is, get the task you’re dreading out of the way so you don’t have it sitting over you for the rest of the day. I agree with sentiment. That said, on some days, frogs are out of the question and you’ve got to go for the low hanging fruit. For me, today was one. It’s cheesy to be this literal but seeing the prickly pears in a park was really the highlight of my day.

As an aside that has nothing to do with prickly pears: Ordinarily, I post a photograph on Instagram after I’ve written here. Last night I did just that. I got one like (from a person tagged in the post so she couldn’t exactly ignore it). I figured my app was updating or there was some kind of delay …

But this morning when I checked the post. Still just that one lone like.

This afternoon I said to Jess, do you know that my photo only got one like. I mean, I know it’s not a great photo but one like?

Jess asked if my app was up to date or maybe not loading properly. She then clicked on my photo and liked it, asking if it came through.

It did.

So now I have two likes, and one of them I had to ask my wife to do while I sat next to her on the couch.

I don’t want to say the word algorithm …


Of course, it’s not the likes that count. But. One. Like?

It’s embarrassing.

This is just to say that this evening I’m a bit gun shy about posting on Instagram. I’m sure that on a day when prickly pears aren’t the highlight, I’ll get back on that horse.

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