Salt caramel

My wife loves ice-cream more than any other food group. At the end of last year she made a list of things she needs for the coming year. Eat more ice-cream appeared there.

Her choice is always the same: Salted caramel and whatever fruity one sounds delicious.

Today I ordered first: Mango passion fruit and vanilla in a cone. Jess commented that she could see the passion fruit was running low and that there better be more than one scoop left. For context, last week she got the last scoop of passion fruit and showed little to no remorse.

She takes her ice-creaming seriously.

There was no salt caramel today, which is really the point of the whole exercise. Jess’ substitute: Cookies and cream. When I asked her if it was any good, she said, “It’s no salt caramel.”

Here’s Jess holding my ice-cream (because I thought the cone would be more photogenic than the cup – turns out the mango passion fruit looks about as appealing as playdough. It tasted pretty damn good though).

It’s 8:30pm and we’re all in bed. I plan to make the most of that.

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