Slow to be fast

Tonight I’m late to write and I thought I’d get away with typing next to a sleeping Kit but she woke, sat up, smiled and looked at the laptop like she would quite like to send an email.

She is down again now and rather than risk waking her, I pried (is that how you spelt it?) my t-shirt out of her clasped hand. I write this, cross-legged on the carpet next to the bed. Due to these working conditions, I’m going to call it ‘early’ and climb back into my bed.

My wife and I have been reading the Jack Carr series on Kindle. I think Jess is on book 6 or something and I’m on book 3. In the books, the main character (who Jack Reacher fans will love, by the way) mentions a SEAL motto or philosophy: Slow is smooth; smooth is fast”.

I like it. And I really need more of that in my life. Me and the SEALS.

And so, as a family, we are trying to slow down. Put things in their place. Buy ourselves some more breathing room by being organised. Today we did good. We unpacked carefully and took our time.

I took things so slow that by 8pm, after the park, supper and bath time, I hadn’t yet taken my photograph. I took my phone into the garden, searching for inspiration and found the asparagus fern.

When I looked back at the photographs, I saw that I must’ve taken one, accidentally, as I made my way out of the flower bed. I think it like it more than the focused one. In case anyone thinks I’m trying to tie this into what I said before about being slow and smooth and fast, I’m not. I just like the photograph better. I’ll post both so that you can decide for yourself (selves? More than one person reading this? More than one person that’s not my wife? Wonderful. Thank you. Time is so precious and I’m so glad you’ve chosen to spend some here.

P.S I asked Jess this evening if she reads my posts. She said she does. Every day. She said sometimes she reads them in the middle of the night. That made me smile.

P.S.S Hello my love.

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