Snapping Shrimp

31 days of writing and taking a photograph every day. Thank you for coming here to read about the everyday moments that stand out to me.

Today my wife and I sat and talked with smoothies at Camps Bay Tidal Pool and then we had a swim together. A day date. We haven’t had one in a long time (day or night) and it felt wonderful to connect.

This evening the three of us went to Beta beach and I remembered two of my favorite sounds: The water sliding up the shore and disturbing the shells on the beach, and the clicking you hear when you dive under the sea. I had to Google now to remind myself what the clicking is from. Apparently it’s the snapping shrimp. The next time you swim in the ocean, go under and listen for it.

Photograph of the day: The swell rebounding off the tidal pool wall. I like that it looks a bit like a painting.

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