The Chronicles of Camps Bay Tidal Pool: Today two young girls were running a restaurant there. Their kitchen: A boulder next to the water. They were at absolute capacity. Spinning. Kit stood and stared, eager to be a part of whatever game they were playing.

Trying to create an “in” for Kit, Jess mentioned to the girls that Kit likes to play with older children. One of the girls said, “But we’re a restaurant”. Clearly Kit, at 14 months, didn’t have a certain ‘it’ factor that the business requires. At one point, between orders, I heard the one girl ask the other, “where is the oven again?”

This restaurant had standards. I know because, A, they had decided on the layout of the kitchen and stuck to it, B, they wouldn’t take on a partner or even a customer that couldn’t talk (sorry, Kit) and, C, they wouldn’t an order for an omelette. This restaurant was fancy. Their menu consisted of sushi (seaweed), something else which I didn’t catch, and chhhocolat (suddenly the restaurant had a French influence here).

When our friend Meg came out of the water with Kagiso, we told her about the restaurant experience. She said, “Speaking of funny things children say, she was walking earlier in the afternoon in Green Point Park and she heard a girl who couldn’t have been much older than say, “Grandma when are you going to give me some real estate”.

It’s about time, Grandma.


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