It never ceases to amaze me that when I trust someone with something I’m not sure I should share for fear of judgement, the response is so often some version of “I’ve never told anyone this but…” Some way of saying, “same”.

That’s all for today – I need to go and read my wife’s weekly newsletter because I didn’t yet have the chance. Tonight I get to sleep next to Jess. It’s our failsafe to make sure Kit doesn’t fall out of the bed again (until we get one of those bedrails).

Photograph of the day: I left this one late, again. This afternoon I took Kit to my dear friend Meg’s house. Meg has a little boy two weeks’ young than Kit. Meg also has a pool. We dipped in and out of the water and Kagiso delighted in having his best friend (not a choice) there. Kit didn’t delight that much. She sussed things out. She tugged at the hose pipe frustrated that it wouldn’t do what she wanted it to do. The four of us navigated the bricks surrounding the pool, and Kit and Kagiso each had a go at scrubbing the bricks clean for a bit. Their technical and surface area covered needs some work. Later, they shared their first bath together (including some tug of wars for certain prized toys). All this felt more important that stopping to take a photograph.

Nevertheless, a photograph a day for a year means a photograph a day for a year. So I had to lean on another of my mother’s paintings because it looks good in any light. Again, I do not do justice to her painting (not least because I make an appearance in it by way of a reflection) but I think she’ll forgive me for it.

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