Blue Cafe

Lovely morning coffee spot (see photograph below).

What you may not notice at first glance?

There is a set of salt and pepper cellars on the wall (placed out of Kit’s view by a kind waiter).

The sugar container has also been strategically removed, only after Kit used it as a shaker, walking up and down the pavement.

The water mark by the dog bowl: Kit emptied it a few moments before.

The prestine table in the forefront is not ours. Our is second in line, with the skew table cloth and the Woolies bag on top.

The ice tea has no lid on it.

(I downed my cappuccino and asked for the bill, leaving most of the oats uneaten. This is to say that things aren’t always what they seem in photographs. Don’t compare your alive, moving, imperfect life to others’ stills.)

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