A Travesty on a Thursday


Whoever (whomever?) brushes their teeth first must put toothpaste on the other person’s toothbrush. I thought this gesture was particular to Jess and I but I’ve married enough couples and spoken to enough couples about such small kindnesses that I know – it’s a thing. A common curtesy among lovers.

She who gets a snack must also get (or at least offer) a snack to her wife: Another rule in our household. The rule extends to drinks to and even water. This isn’t just among lovers – it’s just common decency. In our household, however, only one of us strictly abides by this rule. It is I.

Jess told me, after downing a glass of water – in.front.of.me – that “we’re fending for ourselves; that we’re in survival mode“. I reminded Jess that not only did I pack her lunch for work but breakfast and a snack too. Survival smival.

Jess conceded. I also reminded her that the other day she came upstairs with some salami, for herself – none in sight for me – and that on that very same day I had made her breakfast and left it outside her door.

I wish I could say there weren’t other instances. Whole sandwiches! Whole sandwiches made and eaten in front of me. The excuse there: “I didn’t know if you were hungry” – I was not home when one of these sandwiches was made. Pathetic excuse. Of course I want a sandwich.

On this Thursday, January 2023, Jess has sworn to be better. She came up to bed tonight and mentioned that there was a full glass of water downstairs for me. Better.

Photograph of the day: Kit’s awe in a tunnel of fish.

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