All three of us in the bathroom

Kit has these sponge ‘stickers’ that stick to the bathtub when wet. They’re all sea creatures. There’s a squid and a whale and a crab and starfish (you get the idea). At bath time, I’ve taken to asking her which one is her favorite. I hold up the octopus and the swordfish, and I ask her to choose. Since there are quite a few creatures, and I only pit one against the other, it takes us a while to reach the finale (especially because there are some control tests done between the quarter and semis).

The whale pretty much always wins (it may have something to do with the fact that we’ve been singing baby beluga – just a little white whale on the go – to her, every day, for most of her life).

In the last two days, she has changed it up though. Whale hasn’t always come out tops. She delights in how shocked I act when she chooses a swordfish over the whale. She understands that it’s funny that she has now changed her mind.

Today we showed Jess the game. It turned out to be a good time to demonstrate the game because a new creature rose to the top: The hammerhead shark.

“The hammerhead shark?!

Kit grinned.

“Are you sure, Kit – the hammerhead shark?! Are you sure it beats out the Octopus?!”

She was sure, pointing to it again.

Then Jess said, “He’s got great eyes”.

For some reason this made me laugh a lot. And that was the best part of my day – all three of us in the bathroom, laughing.

Photograph of the day: You know you’re reaching when you grab a vase at 7pm, walk into the garden for natural light and take a photo of it. Then I saw the reflection – the palm tree, the side of our house. Still a reach but a better one.



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