The good, the beautiful and the bad of the day

The good (leaning towards just okay): Growing up we weren’t allowed coca-cola except on Mondays. On Mondays, we went to my gran’s house and she always had coke and my mom made a special concession. We’d drink it with ice in these very bright aluminium cups.

There’s nothing quite as delicious as really cold coke on a hot day. I hardly drink coke these days – maybe that’s why coke on the rocks still takes me right back to my gran’s house in Joburg.

Wellington was a casual 37 degrees at 5pm today. En route to Rachel and Brandon’s wedding, I stopped at a garage intending to get sparkling water. The fridge full of coke distracted me. Today was a coke kind of a day. Sadly, even the fridge at the garage struggled in the heat. It was cool, at best.

The beautiful: Just before the vows, Rachel and Brandon’s son Elliott came to stand next to me, looking at his parents. They reached out and took his hands and they stood like that for a moment.

(I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it now again, the best parts of a wedding ceremony cannot be planned. They must unfold and be allowed to unfold. If a ceremony goes exactly to plan, chances are there was no room for the spontaneous.)

The bad: You know when you’re balancing two plates with a knife and a fork on each, and you’re trying to keep the plates steady and you’re about to reach your destination and something distracts you and the plate tilts and the handle of the knife slides into the tomato sauce? Ya, that – it happened this evening (and also a metaphor for this week).

Photograph of the day: Coldish coke.  



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