Light from the bathroom door

Tonight we heard some really awful news about a friend. There were so many joys today, before the news; so many moments I could focus in on and write about, but my heart feels heavy this evening. Writing about any of that joy feels false in the wake of my worry and the gut punch of it. So I won’t. I will only say (because the news is not mine to share or talk about) that life can change awfully quickly.

I will circle back to some of the joys of today and some of the photographs (because there were some special ones). Even though I took quite a few photographs on my ‘proper’ camera today, this one struck me as my favorite, despite taking it on my cellphone.

Tonight is ‘my’ night – in that I will sleep next to Kit and Jess is sleeping in the spare room to get much-needed rest. I came downstairs to get ready for bed and found Jess and Kit like this. The line of light sliced through the bathroom door and I’m not sure there’s anything more beautiful in the world.

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