This morning I held a ceremony for a couple in their lounge. I thought they had cleared their lounge for the ceremony because it was so simple and beautiful, with an arch and views of over Green Point and the sea, but they said that they were still going to get furniture. The bride’s sister pressed record on the camera on the tripod. After the ceremony, the bride’s mom took photographs, which she said she hoped were okay.

There are quite a lot of couples that say they want a no frills wedding. I completely get it that and I’m part of celebrations like that every week. This couple was different though. They had frills but only the exact frills they considered important: The arch, the flowers, the dress, the veil and linen suit. And then they had the essentials: the venue (their first home together), their family, and each other – that most of all.

When I got to my car, Jess had messaged to say that Kit had fallen and that she was okay but that she had a graze on her nose and forehead.

Later, at bath time, I asked Jess, “Were you worried about what I’d say about Kit’s face?”

“No because I was so nice to you about her falling off the bed.”

Photograph of the day: The oak tree above our backyard in the wind. Today the wind made us feel like we had very few options for an afternoon activity. We could go to the Aquarium or to the Aquarium or we could visit the Aquarium.

We decided to go to the Aquarium.

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